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We had a fun practice yesterday, full of photo shoots and recording videos. Here’s our version of cool water. Hope you like it! One of our favorite things to do is dress up and have fun playing songs from the 20’s and 30’s. Our friend, Dalia Herrerra took some awesome pictures that we used to update our website. Finally, Jim has a place in the band after over a year and a half of playing with us.

He found us one night playing at the Opera Theater. He thought it would be fun to play with us because he knew all the songs we were singing. We have been playing together ever since. It’s been so fun to have the extra harmonies and great guitar picking that he adds.

And what a year! While everyone else was completely shut down with COVID restrictions, we managed to play for the theater in Glenns Ferry, which was one of the few theaters that was able to operate this year. With our summer shows and the Frankenstein show, we had a fun season.

And, now, we are gearing up for more online videos and blogs and live events so we can keep up with our passion for music. So, if you would like to keep up with all that’s going on, make sure and follow us on facebook and youtube. We’ll be posting new videos each week and new photos of the band all the time. You won’t want to miss out. We have fun contests and prizes in mind for our favorite fans. It’s definitely a party you’ll want to be in on.

With our favorite list of songs growing all the time, our hardest question each time we get together is, which songs should we play? We love them all. We often wish we could just play all the time because it’s so sad when we have to go home. There’s just not enough time in the day to play all the songs we love.

Join the conversation and let us know which songs are your favorites.