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You too can take pictures like this. It takes a special kind of person to get the most intense stares, and most haunting photos of people who have done their best to look good. You’ll learn phrases like, “Don’t smile”. And, “You can smile, but keep your mouth closed.” You’ll also learn to avoid the pressure of showing people their photos before they have paid for them. You’ll learn to say things like, “That’s perfect. We’ve got it.” This will ensure that people are feeling at ease about their photos.

When you finish this 6 week course, you will be prepared to work at places like, the local DMV, passport photo studios, the city jail, and company HR divisions.

Most people would expect to pay as much as $5,000 for a course of this quality. But you can sign up today for only $299.99. Operators are standing by.

But wait, there’s more. If you sign up today, you can get the bonus video on work badge ID specialization. This will qualify you to get the highly sought after job of HR photographer.

Call now before your auto warranty expires.

If you’re looking to hire a good band that plays 20s songs, we can do that, too.