As you may have noticed, we haven’t been very active on our social media recently. We’ve been busy, sick, tired, distracted, and every other excuse you could imagine. We haven’t even had time to practice together for a bit.

Well, all that is about to change.

You see, every year, we have a personal challenge to record music in February. This year, we’re really taking this challenge to heart. Watch for fun songs to be recorded and released soon!

OK, so maybe it’s just been Amy’s personal challenge, but she has convinced Vern to cooperate with her personal goal to record and produce music this coming month. It’s all part of a worldwide challenge for musicians of every kind to record songs in February and publish them online.

Of course, we’re hoping to get Jim’s beautiful guitar and harmonies on this deal, too. After all, it wouldn’t really be the Do Lollies without him.

We’ve got a few songs in mind, but we’re still open to ideas from you. Ideally, they’d be songs from the ’20s and ’30s, but we have been known to do other eras as well. I know we’re working on a few moon-themed songs for an upcoming wedding, so we’ll probably include those.

We’re thinking of maybe “Fly Me To The Moon” and “Blue Moon” as well as one of our favorites, “When You Wish Upon a Star”. We’d love to hear what you think. Join the conversation over on our Facebook page. We’ll be sure and take some videos and post them there as well as links to our Spotify songs as we go.

One request that would really help us out is if you could go to the Spotify links when we post them on Facebook and listen to the entire track and add it to your playlist. That’s it. It seems like a little thing, but it really would help us a ton!

How many songs can we get recorded in one month? We’ll soon see. Help cheer us on by leaving comments on our Facebook page.

As always, thanks for your support. We love what we do. We hope you will, too. And if you’d like to book us for an event, please contact us today.