Scrambled Egg Smiles

Just about every morning, Vern and Amy have scrambled eggs, toast, and hot chocolate for their breakfast together. Vern always draws a smiley face on his scrambled eggs to say “I love you”. It’s a tradition that they treasure and something they’ve kept up, even when Vern could barely hold the ketchup bottle. It symbolizes their love. They have threatened to take pictures of the scrambled egg smiles and post them as a daily horoscope to let people know how their day will go based on how the smiley face turned out. Sometimes, it’s pretty good and other times, it’s a little like a child’s drawing and Amy jokingly says, “Tell me about your picture, Vern.”

Valentine’s Day Concert 2024

We’re excited about our upcoming live jazz show in February. Because it’s a show that will tell a story of love and inspiration. Filled with stories about how Vern and Amy fell in love. They grew in the last year as they faced two major accidents with Vern falling from the attic and being impaled by a broom through his chest and then cutting his hand in a table saw and relearning how to use his hand and play a new instrument.

Sunsets and Hot Chocolate

Vern and Amy have another tradition of going to get hot chocolate at Dutch Bros and parking on the hill to watch the sunset. It’s a time to slow down and enjoy talking together about their day and their dreams. It’s a time to listen to music, hold hands, and just be together.

When Vern was in the hospital after his surgery to remove the broom stick, his hospital room had a big window facing the west. The sunsets were so beautiful, and they were able to get hot chocolate from the hospital cafeteria and sit together in his hospital room and carry on their tradition of watching the sunsets together. It felt like a gift from God just for them.

We’re so excited to share this story with everyone who will listen. It’s a story about never giving up. Having such a love of life and music that you just adapt and move on in the face of adversity. All about miracles and of the journey of life. It’s a story that needs to be told and we’re so excited to share it with you.

So, we’re writing new songs and learning old favorites. It’s going to be something you won’t want to miss. Watch for ticket sales for the live jazz show on the Glenns Ferry Opera Theatre’s website.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out on our contact page.