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Looking for some great entertainment?  We provide live music with jazz standards that everyone loves.


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Your Best Time Hire us for your next party or special event.  We’d love to play for your wedding, house concert, backyard barbeque, or anniversary.

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Do Lollies?

Vern Cole

Vern has been in many bands over the years, but his favorite music is from before the 30’s.  He studied music at Boise State University.  Vern plays guitar, ukulele, banjo, and bass.  He attends civil war re-enactments and mountain man rendezvous events.  In 2023, Vern had a bad accident with a table saw that took two fingers and a thumb from his left hand.  Unwilling to give up, he learned to play dobro.  We are all inspired by his great attitude and musicianship.

Amy Cole

Amy has been playing piano for weddings, funerals and church events for years.  She loves jazz standards and music from 1920’s and 1930’s. She studied music at Boise State University after getting a degree in Home Economics from Utah State University.  Amy enjoys acting at the Opera Theatre in Glenns Ferry.  But her favorite thing in the whole world is singing.  There’s nothing like singing your heart out and making someone’s day a little better.

Jim Dunnavant

Jim has sung and played the guitar in several bands over the years and has focused on worship music for the past decade.  Along with the guitar, instruments have included the ukulele, mandolin, bass, trumpet, French horn, harmonica and percussion.  The Do Lollies captured his attention at a summer play in Glenns Ferry where he now resides and he has been blessed with the opportunity to join them in practice and performance.  A dream come true for this guitar picker!

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Home Concerts

Invite a few friends to come to your house and we’ll come and entertain you.  It’s a fresh, new way to have fun and share your love of music with your closest friends.

Dinner Music

We play for dinners at the Opera Theatre.  We are available to play at restaurants as well.  If you need music for a dinner, we’re the ones to call.

Corporate Events

Is your business looking for a fun way to reward your employees?  How about a great party where you have authentic music playing?

Weddings and private parties

What’s more romantic than live music?  Make your special day even better with a live band.

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Our Mission

We want to make people happy with fun music from long ago.

Spread the Word

You can help by spreading the word about us.  The more people know about us, the better we can be and the more often you’ll have a chance to hear us.  So spread the word and come out and support us whenever you can.

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Live Music Is Always Better

Besides being more entertaining, live music makes a lasting impression and endears the listeners to the musicians and the event as a whole.

Unique Music

Show off your great taste in music by hiring us to play at your next event.  Our music has stood the test of time and always pleases our crowds.